Privacy Statement

This is a statement regarding the privacy on my site. I am not a lawyer, which is why I am writing this is in plain english, so don’t sue me .

Updated 27.11.2020 to reflect the change in hosting options and my self-written comment system “Labertasche”


  1. By visiting this website, your IP is logged on the server (Apache access logs) for the purpose of security. The logs are going to be purged after one month. They are not given out to anyone.


  1. This website ís storing your consent on whether to allow cookies on your computer. No private data is stored server-side by default. If you consent, we enable cookies. Right now, I do not set any cookies beside the consent, but reserve the use for the future, in which case this policy shall be updated to reflect it.

  2. Scrolling does not imply consent. Cookies aren’t set until you actively agree.


  1. Right now we do not run any analytics.

Community Comment System

If you decide to use my comment system, your mail address will be stored and a confirmation mail sent to you. This will NOT be used to send you newsletters or promotions. Only the name before the @ is displayed publicly. You may request that your mail is anonymized in our database at any time. If you send spam frequently, your email address may be blocked. In such a case legitimate interest protects my right under GDPR to store your address on a block list.

All data is hosted on my own server in a data center in Falkenstein, Germany and does not leave the EU for the purpose of storage. In the event of authorities having a lawful warrant to request such data, I intend to comply.