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Sup, Hugo?

Jekyll is dead, long live Hugo

I was fed up with Jekyll since a while, since it can be very difficult to maintain. Ruby and bundler often do not work as expected, throw errors, a few packages in Jekyll are not supported anymore. On Windows, using Jekyll is even more Janky, even with WSL . So, I need something new. Looking around, not many SSG have been up to my personal liking, but Hugo was relatively easy to get into.

At first, I wasn’t very happy with it. Hugo relies on predefined template names, while Jekyll asks you to tell it, which layout to use. But, fortunately, Hugo can do the same, even if the function is a bit buried in the not always so clear documentation. Documentation these days is a luxury and wxWidgets still has the best documentation out there, in my not so humble opinion.

But, in the end, Hugo can do everything that Jekyll can, including Open Graph information, custom error pages, as well as generating a SQL file for the simple search solution I have whipped up for static websites. I wrote a new article on how to do a full text search with Hugo . Let me know what you think.

What was really great, is that it allows you to micro template things like html links, so I was able to add norefferer noopener nofollow to all external links for your privacy. Neat.

Another change is the adoption of bulma.css over materialize, I found it to be more compelling and now we have a partially full width layout on desktop. Mobile looks a lot better too. I have spent some time optimizing the page with Google PageSpeedInsights, I hope those optimzations are noticeable and my page provides a fast and snappy usability.

Anyway, thanks for being here and send comments or praise and cookies to contact@tuxstash.de.

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