description New Domain:

Some may have noticed already, but if you go to the domain you are maybe even used to, then you will end up on Don’t be alarmed, that is intentional. I’ve grabbed that domain yesterday, because I like it a lot better.

My interests have shifted a bit and I am doing a lot more Linux based stuff than I used to, instead of trying to make games and give up because I am a techie, not an artist. It is also a lot of fun writing tutorials and helping people understand Linux and other technologies better. I don’t receive a lot of feedback, but judging from my stats, it is not too bad. Not like Google great, but decent for my standards. I am happy anyone visits at all.

I will try to get more tutorials out, but I have a new job and lots of things to do. I’ll probably continue the icinga article this weekend, so stay tuned.

Hope you enjoy the new domain. I won’t change the layout or the general design, but probably redo the colours for something more appropriate.

Thanks for reading my stuff.

tweet blog  •  August 01 2019